Village Cloggers

The Village Cloggers were formed in 1997 in Francestown, NH. Francestown is a small town with a population of 1200.  The town was very excited to have a new group open to everyone, near or far.  Francestown was very cooperative in helping this group start.  The Francestown Recreation Department, which is made of of volunteers, stepped forward and sponsored our group.  This enabled us to meet and dance at the Town Hall.  The highlight of the Village Cloggers is dancing and performing at the Francestown Labor Day Festival.  This is the big festival for Francestown and we give them our thanks and support by dancing in the parade, volunteering our help and performing for the town.

Our group is made up of dancers of all ages. No dancing experience is required. Learning to clog is not difficult. If you can hear the beat of the music, you can learn how to clog. Send an e-mail for information on classes or for booking a performance, demonstration or exhibition.